Beauty experience

We offer a selection of the best products and treatments for body care. Ingredients, textures and perfumes which enhance the skin beauty giving a moment of relax and relief.

Integra Salus

The ancient knowledge of herbal extractions, the knowledge of modern dermo-cosmetics and skin health, the art of massage, perfumes, aromas and their subtle messages, the human need for global well-being, all this is contained in a Integra Salus treatment.
Made in Italy and 100% natural products.


Renovo, the new line of acids, 100% natural for skin regeneration in professional and home use. They contribute every day to complete skin renewal for immediately visible and lasting results.

Naturalis remedia

Creams, ointments, oleolites, lotions make up the Naturalis Remedia collection. A precious synergy of Active ingredients herbs, butters and oils with many useful properties for the local massage when suffering from soreness or as cosmetics aids to bring freshness and well-being where there are skin problems such as irritation, redness, itching, swelling.

Let’s love and cultivate beauty


Straight from California! The brand Entity uses “made in USA” nail technology to offer experts a higher-level service and the highest safety standards. With the wide range of professional nail polish, you can experiment and freely express your own creativity. Not only nail polishes: the Californian brand has also created a product range with argan oil to deeply nourish and revitalize the skin.

Studio One

The professional contouring gel Studio One has been developed by the brand Entity to create light, flawless, flexible and resistant nails. The innovative formula and the easy-to-use application guarantee to the expert a great result without any product waste. An astonishing nail reconstruction method giving style and elegance to the hands and respecting at the same time the natural nail.

Nail polish 10

#10nailpolish collection by Entity: a nail polish that lasts perfectly up to 10 days! This gel effect nail polish with a highly professional formula, is easy to apply and offers a full covering, uniform and self-levelling coat, with bright nuances and very interesting colour tones. All nail polishes are cruelty free and without formaldehyde, fast dry and easy to remove with nail polish remover

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